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Language Module B2: Vocational Language Promotion Accordig to Section 45a German Residence Act (German Language Promotion through BAMF)

For participants with B1 level language skills, target: B2

Module with 400 lesson units


To support the learning success: advice and information on professional and personal topics


  • Register now with a „Entitlement to participate in a vocational German language module section 4 subparagraph 1 sentence 1 no. 1a/1b of the regulation on vocational German language promotion (DeuFöv)“
  • Authorisations or obligations by the Employment Agency, the Job Centre or the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees
  • Final examination according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages:
              telc German B1/B2 Profession
  • The goal is a fast and sustainable integration into the labour market.
  • No contribution to costs if you receive Unemployment Benefits I or II, social assistance or benefits under the Asylum Seekers Act or are a trainee or in an entry qualification.
  • In case of an occupation which is subject to social insurence contributions: costs of  2.07 € per unit.


From the contents:

  • Working discusssions in the company
  • Situation-related vocabulary, e.g. for customer/patient talks, talks among colleagues
  • Taking notes and minutes
  • Operating manuals and safety instructions
  • Reading technical texts
  • Writing job applications, conduction job interviews
  • Using online and print references
  • Accessing relevant content from online databases of the Federal Employment Agency



Funding according to BAMF guidelines: http://www.bamf.de/DeuFöv