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Büro- und Beratungszeiten:

Montag bis Donnerstag, jeweils von 9 bis 12 Uhr und nach Vereinbarung


Ihre AnsprechpartnerInnen:

Alexander Bauland

Heike Bauland


Competence check for Career Planning

For people from migrant backgrounds and refugees

  • Funding via activitation voucher (section 45 subsection 1, s. 1 no. 2 SGB III)


Our goal:

  • An individual survey on linguistic and professional skills



Language goals for the job:

  • German lessons attended with result
  • Language level for the job


Professional goal in Germany:

  • School certificates/Existing professional degrees/Degrees/period of study
  • Information on previous professional activities (including internship)
  • Opportunities of translation/recognition/equality of professional degrees
  • Career-Profiles in Germany
  • Present recognitions
  • Participations in professional qualifications
  • Opportunities of vocational qualification
  • Possible ways of vocational education

  • Local and national job opportunities

  • Status of application papers


Duration: 20 coaching units in max. 2 weeks.
Individual appointments

Funding via activation voucher.

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