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Alexander Bauland

Heike Bauland


The orientation course

After the language course you will attend the orientation course.

“The seventh and final part of the integration course is called the orientation course. It lasts 100 hours.”


From the contents:

In the orientation course you talk, for example, about:


  • the German legal system, history and culture
  • rights and obligations in Germany
  • forms of social coexistence
  • values which are important in Germany, for instance religious freedom, tolerance and equal rights for men and women.
  • excursions/trips


LernArt offers orientation courses (100 hours) with the final exam LID (Leben in Deutschland/Life in Germany). Only after you pass the test  „Life in Germany“, you successfully attend the final exam and receive the “Certificate integration course”."



Costs or cost exemption in accordance with BAMF specifications.



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