LernArt GmbH
Oppumer Straße 81
47799 Krefeld

Tel.: 02151 1546951



Büro- und Beratungszeiten:

Montag bis Donnerstag, jeweils von 9 bis 12 Uhr und nach Vereinbarung


Ihre AnsprechpartnerInnen:

Alexander Bauland

Heike Bauland


Intense imparting migrants/refugees

Support during Application Procedure

Our contents:

  • Opportunities of local and national labour market
  • Application papers print and digital
  • digital skills and online application
  • Job interview communication
  • Strategies of self-marketing for german labour market
  • Language and skill level for the job


Our target:

exactly fitting combination of content for:

  • All migrants and refugees
  • Rearing migrants and refugees
  • Migrants and refugees with interest in national labour market
  • Migrants and refugees under 25 years of age


Our trainings:

  • Attendance and/or online-coaching
  • Situation-related combination of trainings according to individual circumstances
  • Continuous individual support

For people from migrant backgrounds and refugees

Funding via activitation voucher (section 45 subsection 1, s. 1 no. 1 SGB III)

Duration max. 70 coaching units
Individual entry
Individual appointments

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